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Oh how I love DIY and creativity. Therefore, a guest blog monthly with fun DIY's Piece of Make, gay site you should know! Piece of Make is a creative breeding ground for all things DIY, crafting to do. With shop. Approachable and fun.


This month, the DIY chain. Turn your favorite picture from the Internet to a picture of a chain. Using this DIY you succeed in a jiffy. Here we go!

What you need:

  • 1 or transporting papier (Hema € 6.95 for 6 felling)
  • piece of white cotton fabric
  • greaseproof paper
  • little fiberfill
  • (ancient) chain or leather cup

And the detailed explanation:

Scour the internet for your favorite picture. Pinterest is a good point to start your quest. Watch out, because before you know it you hours more! Take the picture in the correct format. Will there be letters or numbers on your plate? Mirror the image so they get good at your necklace.

Print the image on transfer paper.

Ironing him then cotton by ironing over the paper. The description can be found on the packaging of the transfer paper. A piece of parchment paper this is often necessary.

Cut out the image from the cotton, but leave some space at the edges. Cut the same format for cotton from the back and sew now these two around with zigzaksteek. Extra fun to sew with fluorine example. Late 1 side of the hanger so you can fill here with cotton or fiberfill. Sewing now well close all. The fuller filled, the harder it will sew. Cut the shape out around, tightly along the stitch or with some extra space. It can allebij. Hang on a chain, leather cup and ready your key ring or pendant!

This necklace is also fun for children, because very soft and make every picture.

Piece of Make!

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