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A new section on my blog. And well.. food! Because the one for me / us know well, know how much we love good food! And also from the parts thereof; ik maak altijd eerst een foto voordat ik aanval 🙂 In this category I will primarily share recipes, made by me, or my husband Jurgen. Implies that very fine cooking. Not very complicated, maar jummy food. And what's more fun than to open this category with a 'behind the scenes'. Or the food tag! Curious about my food favorites? Okay, here we go!

What is your favorite breakfast?
I have long been beaten about the breakfast. I'm not really a bread eater and am in the morning often not hungry yet. Until I was older, the ferries were coming and I found out that breakfast is healthy. Thus.. Since then I breakfast every morning and I try to do as healthy as possible. Oatmeal with nuts and raisin with yogurt and fruit, overnight oats (oatmeal soaked in milk from the refrigerator), crackers with avocado and sometimes a (green)breakfast smoothie. On weekends I often treat myself (of nou ja, does Jurgen) with fresh croissants, a breeze and fresh orange.

Mijn favoriete smoothie met rode biet, appel en gember

How do you drink your coffee?
Preferably with lots of milk! And a tiny bit of sugar. Here on Ibiza are these huge Latte Macchiato's hard to find, so who gives me the golden tip for a good cup of coffee?

What's your favorite sandwich?
As I said I do not care for sandwiches. Thick sandwiches or thick slices of bread generously invested I find it good again. I'm looking for the standard avocado on the menu, my alltime favorite and likes chicken.

Soup or salad?
Salad! I also called the slamonster. From home I have got to eat lots of lettuce and I am therefore keen on. Every afternoon, I make a big salad for lunch. With just that in-house know. Avocado, chicken, zucchini, more, beans, lentils, red cabbage.. really anything can in a salad. Ideally. Oh and I also really like soup hear. Pea soup, courgettesoep, komkommersoep, Lentil Soup… Lovely in the winter to warm up to.

Een grote salade, natuurlijk met avocado, bij Sla in Amsterdam

No more sweet or savory never?
Here I do not have long to think about it. No more sweet. Easy… I think. Though I love very much of a cake or cupcake at times. But I'm not really a candy ass. I wake up with:"What we eat today’ and not with "what we relish today '. No give me lunch, dinner and savory snacks.

Which is your favorite kitchen?
I find this difficult. Because there is not 1 specific kitchen where I really love. Healthy, homemade and original kitchen, may also? Of tasty salads, savory combos, freshly baked bread and a sprightly manner of presentation. I'm a sucker for the 'packaging’ Coffee from a state weckpotjes hundred times more fun and to me is a priori better than a simple mug…And I actually think that every kitchen in this way has something. A good homemade pasta or pizza, and jam. But the French cuisine delight me, I love Indonesian, but not that of Thai and Japanese (sushi) I find very tasty. There.. enough choice so.

What is your favorate food film?
Uh… okay confession. I'm not really a Filmgek. This is unimaginable for many people but I do not really movies. But I love spending cooking programs. 24kitchen was often in the Netherlands, and also Australia's MasterChef I watched faithfully every day. And all programs of Jamie Oliver I find delightful to watch.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Common! A sausage special anyway. I know, very much. But I can off and so far so desire…

Cook at home or eat out?
Eating out, you bet. I do not like clutter in the kitchen and have a habit of interfering with me if you Jurgen in the kitchen. All we do know enough and even cooking for friends and stuff, we enjoy immensely. But hey, I still have to choose? We can not leave and go often more than is good for us eating out. From breakfast to lunch, snack, tostada dinner or in the morning. No restaurant is safe for us.

Coquilles bij Haarlem Culinair

What is your favorite restaurant?
Hmmm… difficult. In the short time that we live in Ibiza, we have already been a number of times at La Paloma and Clandestino. The first run of Italian origin family. Ze server is heerlijke foccacia's, salads and of thick fries to die for. And the latter is oriented French with real class products and dishes like risotto, puree of blablabla and foam on a bed of.. You understand. And in the Netherlands we went as a family often eat at restaurant Grut in Nijmegen, you can not book there and it's always busy. Here you get presented really the craziest and most unusual vegetable dishes and eat in cafe style. Really recommended. Also, I was recently surprised by huge Sneak Peek. With local products and an awesome way of presenting this really is a restaurant where you have been. Here I am now happy. The same principle can also be found at Outside Place Plantation in Vogelenzang. Where they serve dishes with produce from the greenhouse. Nice detail; the restaurant is also in a greenhouse. Furthermore, we came in and around Haarlem we came happy to Nobel, Skewer, Woodstone and Jopenkerk and we went like eating at sea. Fleurie in Bloemendaal is a must and also Tijn Akersloot and Ubuntu in Zandvoort be fine. And now I almost forgot the finest of them all; Villa Augustus in Dordrecht. OMG, what is this a great concept. With restaurant, hotel, that, shop and full of inspiration. I love this place, for real!

Messages I do at ...
In the Netherlands, always with Jumbo, because it was within walking distance and the market for fruit and vegetables. And here mainly at Lidl (These prices are quite high here) in Eroski, I know that sounds like a sex shop. But is in fact the largest supermarket chain in the island and right across from our house. We do like shopping at Mercat Nou (The covered market in Ibiza Town) and in the fruit / vegetable stalls along the road.

The best I've ever eaten is..
Oops… You know I can really enjoy very good food and especially the setting and the people you are, give the friendly atmosphere and experience. So I really love food festivals such as Haarlem Culinary and Rolling kitchen and I gladly popcorn market. Turkish shop is favorite. Delicious marinated olives, spicy cream cheese with sweet peppers, hummus and stuffed peppers. All equally delicious. And I can really enjoy a BBQ, barbecues and picnics. You see, it's all in the atmosphere.

Rollende keukens bij Proefpark in Haarlem

What is your favo cocktail?
The sweetest I drink pina colada and that of Jan Thiel Curacao… Oh my! But to watch the ferries I still choose a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. Fresh, sweet and cold. Hmmm.

What should not be missing in your kitchen?
Garlic, olive oil and herbs! Fresh herbs make the meal. A simple salad is heavenly with fresh coriander and toss once mint over the bulgur or couscous and you're straight into Morocco. I can not cook without seasoning. That is simply boring.

My favorite snack is ...
You make me happy with sliced ​​vegetables with fresh hummus. Yes really! We even served at our wedding and guests have it now on. Plant me on the couch with a bad series with carrot, cucumber, peppers with dip and I'm happy. Oh, and.. the same applies to chips with dip. So bad. But this may actually come to assist guilty pleasure.

What's on your pizza?
I do not like a lot of pizzas, unless really fresh (preferably wholegrain bottom) and with good toppings. So no dirty sticky salami or canned pineapple. No give me a pizza with fresh vegetables. Zucchini, eggplant, artichoke, asparagus, rocket en verse mozzarella.

What you really do not lust?
Cheese!!!! Raw, Dutch cheese. The structure reminds me horrors, the smell gagging and formerly the cheese was not even come near me on the table. But I'm getting older and now I ask even to some melted cheese into the risotto and I can appreciate a little grated cheese on the pasta best. So there you have it..

My favorite food blog ...
I try to follow a lot of food blogs but demonstrate in practice quite difficult. Instagram is ideal for this. Blogs that I consult regularly uitpaulineskeuken.nl, degroenemeisjes.nl, ikbenirisniet.nl (not just food) and I collect the tastiest recipes on Pinterest. Just look at my Pinterest account.

Een selectie van mijn food boards op Pinterst... Hmmm zoveel inspiratie

The craziest thing I've ever eaten is ...
And, that was definitely traveling in Vietnam. While yet we could through the Mekong Delta to order all kinds of Vietnamese delights of the bbq at a luncheon. We proefden.. hold on tight.. rat, mouse, slang, frog and chicken legs (but really the little fingers with nails). Especially the snake I really unappetizing. It was more bone than meat.

What is included in your food bucket list?
Once very upscale dining. Preferably at a restaurant with a Michelin star or something. And anyway a lot of restaurants here in Ibiza test… Boiled Fish ETEN, that is the court of Ibiza, a fish stew. Invite a large paella pan make in the garden and around. Self preserving vegetables and lemons from the garden / preserves and large pizzas make a wood-fired oven. Bake bread and more healthy snacks (to learn) to create. Thus.. that's me the list or.

Citroenen uit eigen tuin, om in te maken bijvoorbeeld!

So far this I love food tag! I'm curious what you think. Hopefully I can not be too hungry. Do you have a blog? Pay particular attention to this tag on. Leave your comment in the comment!

Love from Ibiza