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Last month we took leave of the Randstad and we stayed in the middle of the country with my father. It seemed therefore appropriate to bring my father as a thank you for a lunch at Sneak Peek. Are you in the area? Go there especially look and enjoy this original hotspot in the land of Maas and Waal.


Sneak Peek is a restaurant where you can go for lunch, dinner and coffee with cake. It's no ordinary place, but one where much attention is paid to the experience. A total experience of flavors, color, textures and layout. I will be here all enthusiastic. We ordered lunch there experience. A complete lunch with soup, hot snack, sandwiches, meats, various special cheeses, dips in salads, garnish and more. And all presented in a special way on a scaffold. Including herbs you cut yourself from the plant, cream from a pipette for your soup etc..


In Short; a hot spot in a place where you least expect it. Moreover, we are working as much as possible with fresh and BIO products and you can taste it! If you are ever in the area, this is more than worth the detour.