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There us a lot will be asked how it is nou, Ibiza in winter. I type this message from a terrace in the sun, it's eleven o'clock Monday morning and about 16 degrees. But the sky is clear, pure and the sun shines warm on my face. A jacket is not necessary. Are you considering a holiday to Ibiza in the off season? In these ten tips for the ultimate holiday in winter.

Tip 1: change
This is the season of choice to explore the island. During the summer (between May and September) The fact is soon too hot. Ibiza is gorgeous and has over many deserted beaches, vast forests and mountain scenery. Thrills, preferably on foot, and be surprised by the island and its natural beauty.

Tip 2: drink wine
Winter is the time to recharge. Because it was dark early, so the nights are long, you can not avoid drinking wine. many wine. Red wine. Eminently well in combination with tip 3 in 4.

Tip 3: read a book
The title says it all and it could be anywhere. Take a fat pill and read. Reading can be anywhere, on the terrace, at the beach in bed or in front of the fireplace.

Tip 4: make fire
You might think it is too hot to stabbing the fireplace. But nothing is less true. Although it is often not subject to the 10 degree is, even in the night ,the houses are cool and built on the warm summers. And so a cottage with fireplace (preferably wood-burning stove) a must if you book a winter holiday to Ibiza. With us he usually goes to one hour or five.

Tip 5: extended cooking
Many restaurants are closed during winter, especially the tourist-known hotspots of Ibiza. While eating out can really, preferably in the afternoon because then you can still sit on the terrace, it is wonderful to linger in the evenings to spend. Put messages on eg market Ibiza town and prepared a delicious meal of Spanish products. Think stew with vegetables and rice, paella or a nice piece of meat.

Tip 6: Enjoy the silence
The rest is back on the island and it is for the islanders a time to recharge and get ready for the next tourist season. Enjoy the silence and join in the rhythm. The beaches are empty, roads without traffic jams and on the terraces is enough place. Will you then it is in the local villages, moreover, be lively and sociable not extinct.

Tip 7: Visit an event
There will be organized super high in winter on Ibiza. Diverse workshops, Winter markets and winter festivals take place. They are frequented by locals and it can be quite cozy. Visit, for example, the market of San Juan on Sunday, a festival in Agroturismo Atzaro (see their facebook page for the program), Christmas market in Ibiza town or various events at concept store Sluiz. Plenty of choice and mainly at weekends you can choose from multiple events.

Tip 8: Mix with the locals
Many locals are free in winter, because there simply is no work. You will also therefore soon find themselves as local as when you come in winter. The people are friendly, because they have more time and are willing to take you around the island. Push for a large meal on Sunday afternoon, from an hour or two, sometimes up to six hours (and, This is lunch). Learn some Spanish words and you can not go wrong with the locals.

Tip 9: behold Almond Blossom
are rows of fruit trees on the campo of Ibiza. The almond tree is known for its beautiful blossoms. It blooms from late January (I already have the first blossom already been spotted this year) and has beautiful white and pink flowers. Especially the area around San Augusti has fields of almond trees. A beautiful sight when they are in bloom and there are great hikes (even at full moon) organized to see the. You can also on your own path.

Tip 10: Discover the real Ibiza
Go off the beaten track, discover Ibiza as it is unadorned. in Asked, the absence of hordes of tourists, coaches and beaches which fill.

Are you a true seeker, you good at silence and you can entertain yourself with little, then Ibiza in winter is for you. Want lots of goings on? Then you better come take a look at the season. In Short; Ibiza is always a good idea. Do you have any tips for Ibiza in winter? Share them in a comment!