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The old town of Eivissa, the capital of Ibiza is one for the books. Literal. For this special place, which is also called Dalt Vila is called, state since 1999 on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see during your holiday to Ibiza.

The old paving, narrow streets with a hanging (white) was, beautiful vistas as you state above and make special monuments Dalt Vila breathtaking. Photographers and photography enthusiasts can indulge here. It's quite a climb to get up, but guaranteed worth. It was built in the 16th century and is surrounded by high walls, guarding against external attack. And at the top you will find the Santo Domingo Church and the former monastery, where now the town hall is located. Both images to see. Bring your firm switchers, because some streets are steep and slippery.

In the summer it is nice shopping and linger. Because it abounds in Dalt Vila from the boutiques with the famous white linen clothes, cafes and restaurants. Sit down on one of the steps for a delicious smoothie and watch the audience that you pull over. Who looks up and in the backstreets see how the Ibicenco's life here…

I took pictures of the quiet Dalt Vila during sunset. Go you look daytime? Both favorites!





Love from Ibiza!