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Who says Ibiza, says… correct Es Vedra. The place to which Ibiza derives its magic name. A visit to this remarkable phenomenon can not be missing when you go on holiday to Ibiza. So you have planned a trip to this island called party? Stop for a moment and enjoy the views to Es Vedra.

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De myths:
Near shore, south west of Ibiza you will find two small rocks. Es Vedra (of grootste in 400 meters high) Es Vedranell (sister). There are many stories circulating about this magical place. One is due to the fact that no one would have died on the island. Other stories say that Es Vedra top of the civilization of Atlantis. Also, there are seen aliens and UFOs according to different stories. Additionally, it is the holy island of Tanis called, the goddess of fertility. And since then, Es Vedra is designated as fertile place.

es-vedra ibiza-hotspot-view-lookout-magic-cala-dHort-travel-Island-spain-travel-goddess-views

So get there
Whatever it may be,, Es Vedra is a magical place. And that you feel at all. Nice view of Es Vedra you o.a. from Cala d'Hort. Go there in the evening and behold a beautiful sunset. The seafood restaurant is otherwise excellent here. But the best vantage point is somewhere else. Drive from San Josep towards Cala d’ Orchard. At the point where you turn right to Cala d'Hort, go straight on the dirt road. Continue to follow. In a walled house, turn left. Probably see you here after about 100 meters cars parked. Follow the road to the right foot of Es Vedra that matter for your nose will rise.