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There are a number of must-haves when it comes to Ibiza. Things you should have on or off the island! That may be typical products produced in Ibiza or for example the best books on the island. Today, one in the latter category. Come in we’re open Ibiza is the guide with original hotspots to discover. And you can win a copy!

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Come in we're open is a small handy booklet, packed with original tips on Ibiza & Formentera. De Ibiza & Formentera guide is divided into different regions of the island and covers a part of the most beautiful beaches and bays, best restaurants, cool cafes, Hotels and coolest stores to shop. In Short; an insider's look at the best spots on the island.

What I like so much fun Come in we’re open Ibiza is the original entry. No mass tourism or standard listings that we all know and see come anywhere beyond. No, in this guide to merely discover new places on the island that you otherwise your nose pass. Oh and not to forget the beautiful design, the bright colors and pretty pictures.

Extra fun; I may 3 giving away copies of this cool Ibiza travel guide. So you can win:

I look forward to your comments!

The giveaway has ended! And the winners are…
At sea

The giveaway will run until 2 February 2015. Then I will choose the winners, these get z.s.m. message. Pay attention: leaving your email address in the comment field is required. At this address will receive the winners. You must be resident in the Netherlands or in Ibiza in to join.

The booklet comes as soon as possible on your side!

You can not wait and want the guide and they need it now?
Come in we're open only costs € 14.95 and can be ordered through their own shop.

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