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You know the drill, Your phone is packed. You are frequently on the go with your camera and make backups of all those special pictures. But they often remain digital and I find really super sorry. have owned a real photo, as album, large print or eg a great photo gift is sooo different.

Although we invariably after each calendar year make an album, is there this year (uh die van 2015 so) not come from. A baby and a company take course much time. The reason why it's so quiet here (Sorry. I really bale, believe me). But in good spirits I am still really started and I made list of photo gifts that I'm going to order from Webprint.


Credits: Jennifer Arndt Photography

Now we have a baby, I think certainly important because gosh time flies. Lola is just this week again 9 months. A particular age, because she was 9 months in my belly and now there is also again 9 months from. I can hardly contain it and have therefore greatly the urge to capture it all. Never wanting to forget and this feeling forever hold.

From Webprint I can figure out what beautiful things and because their shop has really vanalles on photo area, you can not name it or have it. From album to mouse pad with photo and photo printing on wood to garden poster with your own photo. From wallpaper to calendar and phone cases with pictures. In Short; keus genoeg.


Credits: Jennifer Arndt Photography

I figured out why I am particularly seemed to make a photoshoot of this period. And this shoot to create a lasting memory by ordering a nice big print. En dus gingen we als familie maar weer eens op de kiek 🙂

We also note the great drawback to living in Ibiza. Which one then? I hear you thinking. New, Now we grow up Lola and realize how special that is, We miss family extra. There are so many moments that I share and I wish Lola her family would be much better with them (her)know she is doing. And that's why I'm planning to make an album especially for her. Containing pictures of her grandfathers and grandmothers, uncles and aunts, cousins. Then we took to practice and to recognize faces. So if we are in winter in the Netherlands, they recognize them and maybe even name can call..

And so I go in the coming weeks (uh months maybe) started with a year album, a large print (1 or photo collage) for in a frame and a family album with pictures of everyone in the Netherlands we have to do.

What kind photo gifts of your baby and the baby time you have as a keepsake?