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Today 'celebrate’ we life. Because today it is exactly four years ago that my dear husband, then friend, had an accident. The accident that changed our lives, eventually brought us even closer together and taught us to be happy with small things.

Sounds very dramatic and it was also. And still may. Because Jurgen is still often much misunderstanding on. People think he's now back at work. Or they do not understand what he has kept well actually about. Because let's be honest, you still see hardly anything?

That's right. Its appearance is hard to make him the night of 6 September frontal drove up against a tree. In addition, his face partially shattered and substantial injury ran. Still, he notes every day here the effects of. This blog post I want to use to tell our story and to create some clarity for people who do not always understand what brain.

Jurgen two weeks before the accident, the last picture of his face as before.

Jurgen two weeks before the accident, the last picture of his face as before.

The (on)happiness

On the night of 6 september 2010 my nightmare became reality. Police at the door. I knew right away that it was wrong again. Hastily I grabbed my stuff and I was brought to the university by the agents in an emergency gallery. Not knowing whether I would find Jurgen still alive. Although I always thought of experiencing total panic, showed the opposite. That night, more than 5 Surgeons operated on him. His forehead was repaired with a piece of bone from his hip and put together with titanium plates and screws. To 11 hour wait, 11 hellish hours to a week seemed to take, they were ready. Only a day later Jurgen woke. Panicking, shattered and assuming that tomorrow he would start working again. Heart of the matter, that he had. Still, that was not so simple. Eventually he was already after 11 days out of hospital (while 6 weeks and had predicted a rehabilitation clinic) and the real rehabilitation could begin.

All this time I was calm, I sat long hours at his bedside and I got bit by bit my old boyfriend back. But in a new guise, as he himself says so beautiful. Jurgen has had good luck. Meanwhile, this is 4 years ago. Jurgen has recovered far as possible with brain injury. And although he has improved tremendously, certain damage is permanent.


Almost a year later, together in Bruges

Brain injury

Since 2010 Jurgen can no longer work. This has to do with the sustained brain injury. Severe brain contusion, herschudding in 2 bleeding in the brains make him difficult stimuli can handle and barely can hold his concentration. Sounds, interviews, movements, images, worden langzamer weggezet in zijn hersenen en zorgen ervoor dat het spreekwoordelijke โ€™emmertje’ as soon overflows. And always already full. He is easily fatigued, irritable and can literally get sick with fatigue and overload. A dinner, birth date, visit to the supermarket, everything is much too soon. Furthermore, it takes of this recovering for Jurgen much longer than for healthy people. Also, the excessive plans and continuously ask for confirmation something that belongs to people who have suffered severe trauma. A birthday can, but is therefore planned to be so that he can recover thereof the rest of the week. Go beyond this kind of outings fact much better. The sound can go and Jurgen literally has the feeling of more space around. Moreover, he can get away, out of the situation, emptying and recharging his head. Jurgen addition, smells and tastes nothing since the accident. Although this seems terrible, He has to learn the latter very good to go.

Last Friday we celebrated the day and boom equipped with a jacket for the winter

Last Thursday, we commemorated the day and the tree includes a jacket for winter


The part that is affected by Jurgen, is the cognitive part left front in the brains. 'Concentration Disorder, memory problems, fatigue, less quick thinking, irritability. These are some examples of cognitive symptoms that patients may experience with brain injury. These consequences can sometimes months or years after a brain injury are clearly '. Friends and family will also confirm that he has changed enormously since then. Especially in terms of inner. Of course by about experiences, but in addition by the literal injury there. If you look where one can suffer from cognitive problems, then it is a miracle that Jurgen still as good, able to react quickly, not forgetful and just as intelligent as before. Yet he has changed very. Jurgen has become much more serious, sensitive and literally entered the battle with himself. And we together. Because although we have always remained strong together, was not always easy. All kinds of therapies together and only have us dragged through this period. Jurgen even two years of intensive treatment by Heliomare, the Centre for acquired brain injury. I would not know where we should start without them. We can now say that we have succeeded. A proposal, wedding and (almost) further emigration. Events that without this accident might not have even occurred. Jurgen said, after all, never want to get married, haha.

And now further

We can transform the negative into something positive. Our move to Ibiza. More outward, more sun and space for Jurgen (Moreover, for me, with my huge winter dips, no luxury). And that's where I'm so proud, that despite everything, just learned more from each other. Have drawn closer to each other and have a dream to turn this into reality.

I hope you have had some of these explanations. Do you have questions? Do not hesitate!

Following this story, this blog was also posted on the website of www.hersenletsel-uitleg.nl. On this site you will find information about everything that has to do with acquired brain injury.


My favorite quote to cheer Jurgen as he struggled