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Super fun, I was nominated for the Liebster Award. An award, which brings the smaller or novice blogger's attention. And this brings into the picture with a few questions. Then I'm going to nominate other bloggers and bombard them with my own questions.


I was nominated by Diana, from Eiland-meisje.nl. Diana will soon emigrate to Curacao, dus volgens mij hebben we wat gemeen πŸ™‚ Ze stelde me de volgende vragen:

What do you like most about blogging?
For me, blogging is mainly a way to all I come, I will be happy to share with others. Beautiful places, fine stores, good restaurants and creative initiatives. Sometimes I just do not know where I have with that full head and so I started blogging to. What I like also create the big picture. Reflecting on text, image and design and then spread my messages so that they are read.

How long you been blog?
I blog for over 6 year, but with intervals. It all started with a blogspot blog, different URLs and since august blog I operate on my own wwww.jussimegens.nl.

Would you like blogging as your full-time job?
New in of! Blogging and social media are my passions. When I was at DaWanda as Social Media Manager to work if it was also a dream come true. Blogging about DIY and creativity and share it on social media.. and that paid! Wow!

Have you already booked your summer vacation? If so where?
No, and I do not think we are going on holiday this year. Because like most know we just moved to Ibiza. A summer on the island seems to me great. And it is our first. Although I think we 1 of 2 days to go to Formentera to seek the peace. No punishment yet? And who knows, we may pay a visit to Mallorca, since we are so close. Moreover we receive many business, so it feels quite solid as a holiday!

Formentera vanaf het (almost) hoogste punt op het eiland

Do you prefer the summer or winter holidays?
Makes me not really matter, but as long as the destination is sunny. So fine in the winter, but not to the snow or cold. I hate cold. Last winter we went to Asia and I would do so again, with the holidays on a tropical destination I really top!

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?
I think, i think… Gili Trawagan near Bali? Or maybe the beaches of Cambodia or 30 meters in a treehouse in Laos see the sun go in the shower in the open air? Or the vineyards of Stellenbosch in South Africa? You hear it all, I'm bad at choosing. Always been.

If you've only to 1 country on vacation should, What country would be?
Netherlands, to hug all my dear friends and family of course!

What do you prefer on a free day?
Sleep Late, extensive breakfast, then a nice shower and prepare. Visits and extensive wandering around a new city (Lovingly by second-hand shops), nice long lunch preferably in a courtyard in the sun and then late afternoon back home. Along with delicious cooking and a good book or movie on the couch / outside on the terrace. Oh and the candles! And, something like that!

What would you do if you win a million?
Buying a house in Ibiza, where anyone can come and stay. We are a bed&Breakfast can start and make a flying start on the island.

What you do not dare, but would you actually want?
Parachutspringen… I'm a little scared at high altitudes, but would still like to do this.

What is your lievelingseten?
This is a difficult. Before that I'd refer you to the I love Food tag, I tell you all about my (crazy) eating habits and favorite dishes!

I nominate:
Very Good blog
Eat Share Love
Life, My Style
Bohemian Dreams

My 11 ask for the nominees of the Liebster Award:
1. Why your blog?
2. What your blog?
3. What inspires you to new blog posts?
4. If you had to move to an island, which island would you choose?
5. Which countries you want to visit again?
6. If you were a color, what color would you be?
7. Dilemma; throughout the day be dubbed in German or the day a barrel organ behind you when you go out?
8. What is your dream job?
9. What would you do with a million?
10.Where you you at night can make for wake?
11. If you can call a blogger who inspires you the most, Who is that then?