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My Ibiza & Formentera

My Ibiza & Formentera

On your list of must haves Ibiza should not miss this book. MY IBIZA & Formentera Hjordis Fogelberg is a travel guide unlike any others. With original tips this book takes you off the beaten track and introduce you to the real Ibiza! And is not that what we all want?

Since our arrival in Ibiza this guide is my bible when it comes to nice places. I carry it with me always and at any spot on the island, he provides me with great tips. Markets to shops, from cafes to restaurants. And although I do not need them, there are also tipped hotels. The colorful illustrations and smooth writing style will make you want to visit each addresses.

The book is written in English and Spanish, So you can also further practice your language 🙂 This is a book that will surprise even regular visitors of Ibiza with new hotspots, fine terraces, good food and current information. Buy so if you love Ibiza!

Up to date information can be found on the Facebook MY IBIZA & Formentera, fun to follow!

Ibiza musthave-holiday-travel book myibiza-travel-travel-tips-tricks hotspots-locals-travel book

Ibiza musthave-holiday-travel book myibiza-travel-travel-tips-tricks hotspots-locals-guidetrip