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Fittingly for the latter months of preparation, pack up and say goodbye. And though everyone I, especially dear family and friends will miss enormously, we choose our Ibiza adventure for ourselves. For our happiness, for our future together. And jeez, that is occasionally quite difficult. And uncertain. What if we get homesick or do not come around. I do not work or do not make new friends…

I hold to the words of all those dear friends. It's an adventure and nothing is forever. That if we are not happy, we also have straight back. And so it is that. Perhaps it is more difficult to leave then come back. For although that definitely is not in the planning, is back at home, with their own family and friends soon as a warm bath. At least, I think. But we did it anyway. Tried and we never have to say:’ we had only…'.

This Thursday I go first a weekend away with my dear sister. A long weekend together to Copenhagen. Being so long on our wish list to go to Copenhagen and because we only want a weekend away together. A farewell, though that of course never. Saying goodbye to your loved ones. Four days together, so that I can then just against it, so without her.